healthAre far Americans smoking pot than ever before? Yes, but the change may not be that is extreme — a recent Gallup that is private poll found that 13 percent of Americans stated they smoke weed. That’s up from 11 percentage of Americans in 2015 2 yrs previous, in 2013. Some research suggests that more folks may be smoking pot because they notice as less harmful than people did previously. Research published in May inside the newspaper The Lancet Psychiatry showed that issues about the danger of pot lowered between 2002 and 2014. “The National Institute on Drug Abuse is supporting a great deal of workin states as well as in regions of the nation that have experienced the greatest appropriate and societal improvements, so we can begin to determine what does the changing cultural environment lead to with regards to health results or medical issues,” explained Dr. Wilson Compton, deputy representative in the National Institute on Drug Misuse and lead writer of the study.